Last weekend we celebrated my 40th high school reunion. It was a two night celebration of epic proportions! Out of a class of 52 women, 19 of us attended the school from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 38 came back to join us (16 of the Old Guard as we are referred to). We did the party with the boys school (the schools have long since merged) but if you saw the pictures from the main event it was not apparent that they were there. There was much laughter, much dancing (with and without our spouses), some tears and sadness that it seemed to end in a blink of the eye. I bring all of this up because we live in between the gatherings; celebrations, weddings, birthdays, reunions and even the funerals. Keep your connections alive! Stay in touch with your friends and your families, in the end its the most important thing we have. If we can help mark those occasions let us know, we can help you find the perfect something for any occasion.