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Soap and Paper Factory!

Soap and Paper Factory!
From our friends at Soap and Paper Factory! People ask us where the Paper is in Soap & Paper Factory. Back in the day, we moved from Lisa’s house to a beautiful artist’s compound, just north of Nyack, New York. This gorgeous complex
was an old textile mill, which was used during the Civil War to make uniforms. It was a
great spot full of artists and musicians, and the rent was right! Brickhouse Soap was a busy
little company making homemade soap, bath bombs, bath salts and salves! Around that
time, we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderfully talented women from Dewey Howard.
Shannon LOVED Elizabeth’s cards, so we invited her up to the “factory” to chat about
options for soap wrapping. Elizabeth loved the atmosphere so much she rented the studio
down the hall from us, and we began to order things together to save money. You know,
things like paper towels, boxes, tape… One thing led to another, and we decided to launch a
small collection of soap and beeswax candles at the next show. Needless to say, the collection
was a HIT! We then decided to join forces and rename our company. Since we did soap
and Elizabeth did paper, and we worked at the factory, it was an easy name to come up with!
Soap & Paper Factory was born! We had scented stationery, gift wrap, perfumes, soap and
the like. We soon outgrew our factory space and moved to a bigger place in nearby Tappan.
Over the years, Elizabeth moved on and now has her own company called Elizabeth Grubaugh,
which is totally fabulous of course! Shannon has taken over the designing of our
packaging, and Lisa still formulates and designs the fragrances.
Finding balance with work and family life has made us pretty creative! One thing’s for sure:
We love our sweet company. We love what we do, and we are so grateful to all of the people
we have worked with through the years and for new relationships. It has been an incredible
journey watching our company grow and change .
When all is said and done, it is really relationships and working with amazing people that
has helped our company become what it is — that, and a LOT of hard, beautiful work. We
are excited to see what the future brings.
Keep on keeping on!