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New Canaan Farms

THE BEST OF TEXAS Since 1979, they have been offering unique products for your table using the freshest, top quality, natural ingredients. Their team includes really talented people who create our outstanding preserves and condiments and also dream up ways to use them in recipes that can make your reputation as a cook. If you’re […]

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Soap and Paper Factory!

Soap and Paper Factory! From our friends at Soap and Paper Factory! People ask us where the Paper is in Soap & Paper Factory. Back in the day, we moved from Lisa’s house to a beautiful artist’s compound, just north of Nyack, New York. This gorgeous complex was an old textile mill, which was used […]


Black Ink!!!

BLACK INK!!! THE LADIES AT BLACK INK IN LA HAVE CREATED AN INSTANT CLASSIC Oh, this pad is special. 275 sheets of luxurious quality paper (160 sheets of extra thick paper for our Luxe Foils)… so thick your felt tip pen will fall deeply in love… that’s our very own Black Ink Luxe Pad. For […]


Rosy Rings

Rosy Rings Shannon Cunningham, Founder Her Story Rosy Rings started in my basement over twenty years ago. Surrounded by five cats and the chug chug of a washing machine, I poured my first candles. My tools: a tiny crock pot and a few dented molds. My ingredients: chunks of sticky beeswax, vials of fragrance and […]

Pure Michigan! American Spoon Foods

One of my favorite places on earth is Northern Michigan. American Spoon reminds me of summer days with friends and family. We stock these wonderful products so you can enjoy their goodness wherever you are! American Spoon handcrafts fruit preserves and condiments in small batches, capturing the singular flavors of exceptional fruits in every jar. […]

It’s Showtime!

This is the time of year for Fancy Food Show and for the Gift Shows. We’ve been busy sourcing new products to bring to you over the next several months. Keep checking back as we will be adding new items weekly. This is also the time of year when you can pack on the pounds […]


Lately we’ve been entertaining, a lot and much of it has been at home. I’ve become the self appointed Queen of Semi-homemade! The shelves here are stocked with lots of shortcuts, and I have been using many of them! The pepper jellies from Lollipop Tree (Wasabi Lime or Red Pepper) can be used as an […]

Vendor Spotlight: LAFCO

LAFCO—Luxury Articles and Fragrance Company—was established over 20 years ago when founder, Jon Bresler, quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his passion for body care. In 1992, Jon began travelling across Europe, foraging for hard-to-find specialty items and learning about how they were made. He supplemented his research with a self-imposed apprenticeship to […]